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Due to the current world situation, all indoor studio classes have been canceled.  Online and outdoor classes are available.



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Yoga for Everyone

The Okinawa Yoga Studio is a unique Yoga Studio whose efforts are on building a better fit and more active community. 


Enhance Your Wellness

At its core, The Okinawa Yoga Studio combines strength and mobility, balance and endurance versus flexibility and stretch.  Our program has been described as functional fitness in addition to squats, yoga burpees, mountain climbers or Spartan push-ups, all in a Hot Yoga Studio. 


Calm Your Mind

Finding a physically and emotionally comfortable space is an important part of your yoga experience.  The Okinawa Yoga Studio provides the optimal space and environment for attending a class, workshop, or Yoga Teacher Training.  You won't find another studio locally offering a Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga, or Stand Up Balance Board (SUBB) mix of classes.  Come enjoy a class and be part of the growing community.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules. 

The Okinawa Yoga Studio

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Monday – Friday: 10AM–9PM
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Sunday: 9AM–12PM 

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